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3 Aug 2017 I am stuck inside due to terribly air quality, and overall hot temps. Adoption Policies & Procedures. Caroline Scroby Pretty Rats Rattery Middlesex We breed out of the passion for rats and to improve the rat as a whole. We're currently working on Down Under's in most colours and markings. I as a rattery owner are striving to breed genetically stronger rats, trying to make them resistant to cancer and the mycoplasma. Louis Varley Berrywoods Rats Southend-on-Sea Essex UK. A small scale rattery located in Southern NJ. All of my hillway boys and girls are so laid back and calm, I just love her rats! Last Summer rattery - Kira runs a very small rattery and sometimes lets rats go to homes, I am so thankful she has allowed me to have Cinders, Pepper and Iago to form a new breeding project. We will be keeping some of his sons to continue on the line. NEW ARRIVALS ! Check out the Current Litter page. Check website for details a Jan 20, 2009 · I have two dumbo female rats that i purchased at the new year from, unfortunately, my local petsmart who gets them from a place called rainbow exotics outside dallas. Zoe is a fear biter, and requires confident handling. Specializing in the production and distribution of premium frozen feeder animals including mice, rats, and more to the reptile and birds of prey community. We offer mainly standard sized rats, but will occasionally have dwarf available. Windy Hill Rattery is a "Closed Rattery," meaning to prevent infection, disease or illness from entering our Rattery; we do not allow the public to enter our rattery room. Silkies will also be available late 2005. We all miss you. I do not know when or if I will again. Missouri View, comment, download and edit rats Minecraft skins. That “Rainbow Bridge” thing makes me want to toss up every time I run across it, which is every time I go to a vet’s office anywhere in the United States. ROR - The Rats of Reading. Located in southern nh. RRR - Ratty Rat Rattery. She was an affectionate rat who loved cuddles and was happy just to sit on your lap. , Dec. All our rats are handled daily, with our babies being handled once a day after they are 24 hours old. i do not have access to breeders close by as i am in new mexico and cannot afford travel costs for going to get some from a breeder. 7-27-05 ~ A link to a rattery in California is on the Links page. We have two Burmese trait carriers who have not been bred or proven just yet. The pedigrees contain health and longevity information. Click here to Read More "Adoption Policies & Procedures" Silverbell Rattery (formerly Little Whiskers Rattery and Mousery) is an AFRMA registered California rattery focused on breeding healthy, friendly, beautiful rats and mice that will fit well both in the show ring and as pampered pets in your home. The goal of this is to get a feel for how long pet rats live. For any rats that in need of being The online home of Darkstar Rat Stud, Based in East Anglia, Suffolk, Essex borders. 000 Strong army have fled before a battle to Deshnok. Rats of the past, but always in my heart. If you are under 16 you are not legally able to purchase rats or sign a legally binding contract- which you will be required to do. Good Across The Rainbow Bridge. 5,207 likes · 88 talking about this. - Small rattery/mousery, sometimes have mice and rats for sale. I tried to keep it in chronological order for the most part so you can see her progress. Our aim is to breed the healthiest and friendliest pet ratties possible! We have kept rats for over 8 years and have spent our most of that time finding out all about their needs and what we can do to give them the longest and best life we can! Rainbow Whiskers Rattery Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Although MBLU was started in 2010 as a pet/show rattery, I have raised rodents for over 40 years. facebook. thank you for stopping by and please let me know what you think about my rattie family : absolutely NO photos or text may be used without prior permission. A place to pay respects to you and your small friend Messages 0. We also work with some Lilac coloring and Blazed-Variegated traits in some of our rats. We had an exciting life. The name "Sweet Cinder" is dedicated to my first female rat "Cinder" that truly got me hooked on rats. NOVATELLA is a small rattery located in the southside of Brisbane. Cash went to the rainbow bridge after a long struggle with a skin cancer we fought for many weeks. Misty Blue Rattery was named for the beautiful color rats I specialize in (my personal name is not Misty). These rats usually have awesome temperaments to continue the lines. Rainbows Edge Rattery is a small scale rattery located in Queens, NY. FijiRussian Blue Dumbo Doe BadgerBlack Variegated Dumbo Rex Doe RosalineBlack Standard Doe MarcelineBlack Dumbo DoeFoundation Norma JeanRussian Dove Dumbo Rexoid Jan 23, 2018 · Most rats are able to learn to open all four kinds of lids with some demonstration and training. Smudge was very loved and was one of the contributing ratties which encouraged the opening of Dazzle Rat Rattery. RRU - Rats-R-Us Ratties. First and foremost, though, we focus on raising the sweetest, healthy, most enchanting rats you have ever seen! Our stock comes from Jaye at MARS Rattery who acquired her rats from Janell at Ratterfly Rattery who acquired her rats from Rat Genuis Rattery. Welcome to Mischief Managed Rattery! take a look around the site, we occasionally have litters available and many photos to browse! Have a read of the about section to see what were more about! I don't currently have any baby rats available, and won't until early-mid December. We are a non profit rattery based in Leeds, West yorkshire. Our goals were to provide quality pet rats that were healthy and had great temperaments. These rats can be posted if need be but be aware, however much bubble wrap I wrap them in there is always a chance they can still get damaged but depending on the extent of any damage they can be easily fixed by yourself. Due to the cold weather, we are having trouble breeding our rats. ​​Welcome to Evolution Rattery. I have the weekends off which gives me plenty of time for my rats as well. ROK - Rats of Keona. Fancy That Rattery . Love of Rats Rattery. The rattery is operated out of my personal home. Start Now Due to the many zoonotic viruses and bacteria (most are found in wild species), including the recent Seoul Hantavirus found in the Midwest pet rats Jan. I then discovered that her line had been known to have tumors in it, and I retired her as a breeder. After Sweetpea passed, Asko lived by himself until early 2018 when he moved in with the older females. No clients with rats or have had rats in the past month are allowed into the rattery room or on the rattery Floor. Largest online selection of live exotic Reptile Pets including Pythons, Boas, Colubrids and Lizards. Its always great to see them grown up and happy in their new homes. Unfortunately Asko's health deteriorated pretty soon after joining the girls. We specialises in healthy, well socialised rats for pet and show; with a special love of the blazed markings, rex & silk coats and mink, blue & ruby eyed colours. Ratteries who have very good strong lines of chocolates. The RattieAngels Rattery Shilo's Legacy was founded February 2015, but I have been producing rats for 3 years. 102 likes. These are already socialized and, much of the time, are perfect for first time owners. Zoe and Tris both have scarring on their air ways due to past respiratory infections. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. I am a small hobby breeder that focuses on temperament and quality in my rats/mice located in Rainbow Whiskers Rattery Minneapolis - - Rated 4. None. I also do not sell to anyone under the age of 16 as per UK law. 8 based on 6 Reviews "I am so thankful for my three beautiful female rats from Rainbow Whiskers 5 days ago Website: https://rats-of-florida-rattery. Ending the suffering of deformed rats, very sick rats, and rats with severe injuries or aggression should be considered an ethical act, but killing rats who have nothing wrong with them aside from existing as excess is unethical. ROUS - Rodents of Unusual Sweetness. com/Rainbow-Tails-Rattery-117105199692136/ 10 May 2019 When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. Milo is the founding buck to my Chocolate line. Imaginative designs are sold at £4. When I was in high school I got my first two rats and I just loved them to pieces. ~Current Pairings~ RRR Alice was a gorgeous Sky Blue Dumbo girl. RSCL - Rattie Rascals It is our goal here at Windy Hill Rattery to produce pets with great health,improved Longevity & be even tempered. Welcome to Evolution Rattery Located in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, I offer selectively bred, quality pet rats. The owner brought out a handful of pinkies and said I could have whichever one I wanted. Being an independent hobby breeder, I do not always have rats available. DOB: 01/01/2010 Type: Silvered Black Berkshire Dumbo Sire: TR Buck American Blue Masked Dalmatian w/ blaze Dam: TR Lucy Black Irish w/ white toes Welcome to Paper Heart Rattery! Located in Hope, NJ. She decided to breed rats to improve the health, temperament, and longevity of their lives, in order to supply families with loving, healthy, pet quality rats! Jeff helps out with construction of cages and has helped with finding the best diet for the rats! We started a small hobby rattery. RIP little buddies. 345 likes. My goal is to produce rats with great temperaments, health, color, and type. It’s a fun game you can play over and over with your rats when they are out for playtime. I am a small hobby breeder that specializes in breeding friendly and healthy rats that are unique and beautiful. He is due to be desexed next week. Here at Sweet Whispers Rattery first and foremost we breed for health, temperament and longevity. Our next focus is on structure and finally, color. They seem huge, but i just wanted to get a estimate, because i cant wait until i can start feeding my now 505g BP, "medium rats". ok so its general knowledge that petland only sells 3 types of live rodents, and thats small white mice, medium rats and jumbo rats. They are social and are best kept in same-sex pairs. If you have any questions about any of the hammocks feel free to send me a message. I no longer own nor breed rats due to developing an allergy but am happy to answer any emails so feel free to contact me! My name is Serani (Rani), I live in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia and was the proud owner of Ratfinks Rattery. The older rats took to them right away. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. These are long lived lines that have been worked with extensively! Temperment and good health are our first considerations when choosing which rats to breed, next are type and color. 25 May 2015- Explore myfriendcharlie's board "Le Rattery" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Pet rats, Rat cage and Pet rat cages. I have been a pet lover my whole life, I have always had some sort of furry companion. RSS Feed Breeding Pet Rats. My rattery is closed for now, but another great local to check out would be Dark Lotus Rattery - SE Michigan, she has some AMAZING rats! Returned to the rattery in 2016 when the owner fell on hard times, deemed un-adoptable due to behavior and health. We offer you an alternate choice from pet stores and back yard breeders. I still have my pet rats, but none of them are for breeding. We aim to educate people on the joys of rats, and provide healthy, well tempered and handle-able animals to our customers. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good places to get rats in California. Rats are sociable animals and need not only human company but at least one cagemate. And you do not want your rats trying to eat the rust. Hard boiled eggs are good as well, but should only be given about once a week due to them being high in protein. Check website for details and feel free to email me with questions or requests. Madriver Serpents and Rattery on MorphMarket is owned by John J Woodruff and located in Cable, Ohio. ROY - Royal Rattery. Formerly Rainbow Row Rattery. Rainbow Ball Pythons for Sale in the United States. Thus, once to a 20. The love of rats began for me at a very young age when, after begging for a puppy for months, my mother took me to the local family owned pet store. Marley, Wedge Blaze Odd Eye Beige Dumbo Rex Harley, Lightning Blaze Black Dumbo Rex Bucks The people we meet through our love of rats are lovely; it is wonderful to talk for hours about nothing but rats and ratty related subjects. We focus mainly on dumbos, hairless, blues,and rex rats. RITN - Ratten in Stardust Rattery☆ RMBL - Rambling Rats; RNBW - Rainbow Rats Rattery☆ RNMK - Runamuck Rats☆ (Honorable Retired) RNRR - Ransom Rascal Rattery; ROAR - Atlantis Rattery & Exotics; RRR - Rainbow Rats Rattery☆ RRRU - Ratatouille Rattery and Rescue☆ RROR -Rivers Rattery of Rensselaer County NY ( Closed ) RET - Rat Emporium Looking to adopt a couple of rats for the family. Rattery in Orange County We bring the rat together as a whole, health and temperament are my top priorities. Aug 09, 2017 · Rainbow Bridge Rat Rat Block Rat Exercise Rat Growth Rat Hopper Rat Memes Rats In The News RatsPacNW Rehoming Rescue Review Runt Sale Science Show Smoke Steam Teeth Top 25 Small Animal Blog Training Rat Transitions Truffles URI Vet Tech Vision Washington Rattery Weight Wheel Winter World Rat Day X Men Litter. Rainbow Rattery, Ypsilanti, Michigan. The pit of the Plum has cyanogens in it, which are bound molecules of sugar and cyanide. We have in our rattery Albinos, Blacks, and Blues with Berkshire, Variberk, Hooded, and Self markings with either Dumbo, or Standard ears. Available Adult Rats · Rainbow Bridge · Related sites · Contact Us · Shows · Bandogge  My first litter after Pimpinella was suscribed under the Rattery Skanálu as a litter Stories of my past rats are in the Rainbow bridge and some short tales about  Raining Rats Rattery, Is a rat breeder bringing happy healthy pet rats from our home to yours for a wonderful family pet. Plums – Good source of potassium, Vitamin A and fibre. All hammocks have loops of Oh dear, what can the matter be? I’ll tell you what the matter bloody well is: Squill is a blasted Houdini, that’s what the matter is! Damn my eyes if the little hussy didn’t find a way to squidge through the bars, cross the chaotic no-mans land that is my bedroom at present, dodge two homicidal fox terriers and a sociopathic Siamese cat, and settle in for a nice night of the old foopah Amanda J Arnold is on Facebook. Small MO hobby rat breeder. The main aims of my rattery are to produce and find homes for affectionate and healthy rats. That was the sweet part. We are a small Rattery located in [Currently on the move and no longer located in Wisconsin! We will release where we are when we have settled] and our rats are registered with NARR under the prefix SCNR. See posts, photos and more on Facebook. Our rats are raised in our home with lots of love and attention. memes that make me run faster - Try Not To Laugh 193 - Dank Memes and Hilarious Videos #NemRaps - Duration: 12:59. Thanks for visiting! Whether you are new to rats or are a longtime rat owner, I hope that my site will provide some knowledge about these wonderful animals. She was one of the first rats I was attempting to breed when I first attempted to breed. All proceeds are put back into our Rattery for food, beeding, toys and vet care when needed. I am no longer activley breeding. I will post pictures of Frosty and Cole soon. Closed rattery and at this point is not working with other breeders that they don’t already have a relationship with. Good Temperament (and health) is the priority. When I was a puppy, I entertained you with my antics and made you laugh. Euthanized 1/7/16 due to sever respiratory distress, vaginal bleeding, and weight loss. We spend a lot of time caring for our ratties and making sure that they have the best lives that they can possibly have. Misty Blue Rattery specializes in Blue Shade standard coat rats in both standard and dumbo ears and in various color patterns. Directory of places to go in Rainbow. BTR is a closed rattery. I currently still have his lines running through my rats, hence why this is Shilo's Legacy. 2017, plus the fact rats (nor mice) cannot be vaccinated for disease, breeders should test their rats (and mice), especially new stock, to make sure they are clear of these diseases as some diseases have no symptoms. DAZL Nutmeg is one of the ratlets from the first Dazzle Rats Rattery litter. When this bond is What Rat Is That? Ever wondered what colour or marking your rat is? Then here's the place to find out! This is not an official standards page for any rat club, but rather a basic reference for the Australian pet rat owner. She's one of the most amazing rats I've worked with, picking up new tricks like they were nothing! This video here is a compilation of my favorite tricks that we've worked on these past few months. Rainbow. i have never owned rats. Adoption Information Rat Care Information. Kittens will be sold in same-sex pairs or groups. The health and personality of our rats is very important as well as their happiness and quality of life. Rainbow er min beholder dreng fra Eifos Kuld A,da min dreng Hell´s Peanut Slab var far til kuldet. My rats are raised in my home with lots of love and attention. ROSE - The Rosebush Rattery. No clients that have handled rats from a pet store or other breeder with in the past 2 days are able to come into the rattery or on the rattery Floor. Pet poems tend to go down like vast mouthfuls of granulated sugar that must be swallowed in one go. We love to take our rats to shows so that we can meet new people, meet other rats and see all the ribbons that we would love to win. Our lines were established in 2013. There are meadows and hills for all of  Selective Breeder of Quality Pet Rats in Charleston SC. m. We strive to breed healthy heart rats. com Rattie Rascals was a small rattery owned and operated by myself, LeAnn and my daughter Beth. Breeding. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Here you will see pictures of a few of the past rats I have had that have gone to Rainbow Bridge. Peanut Butter – This can cause choking in rats. Jul 03, 2009 · Hi-Does anyone know where I can buy a pet rat in nj? i'm not so particular about variety but I know that I don't really want to buy them from petsmart or petco because of the way they treat them or care for them. Located in San Tan Valley, AZ. If you've had a loss, or haven't recorded your rats' information, post here. 7-26-05 ~ I am terribly saddened to announce the death of my four-year-old ratty man, Jeckyl. We are in the Northeastern region of the state, breeding since 2009. This has caused there to be a lot of unhealthy rats & rats with just awful temperaments from aggression issues to just being timid and anxious. I have close to the most varieties available in Australia. We will be breeding our first blue's in late 2005. Nothing wrong with looking into Breeders. Preferably southern California, or a good place that ships. We will continue to test our Rattery annually. She has grown very quickly and is one of the biggest female bubs out of the 5 born. This means that 'most' of our colors cannot express unless a copy of that gene is inherited from each parent. Anybody on here have a exact weight on a the "medium rats" from petland. If you love Fancy rats come on in and have a look around. She was pregnant with her mate and had complications. Create your website today. She has a great personality and is a great mom, grandma, and does well with the young rats to help socialize them. Get Started Parents that have lost their dear little ones . His obituary is on the My Rats page, and he will be making his debut in RRB soon. While I have been breeding on and off for years, this official Rattery was not established until January 2019. Rats are easily tamed pets that thrive on interaction and bond with their pet parent. They are handled daily from birth and have fantastic dispositions. Home of nh's 1st downunders. Bleh. Make sure you purchase a powder coated or sealed cage. also available are burmese, blues, black hooded, black and others - variety of markings, dumbos and standard, also have rex and velveteen coats. The rattery got it's name from my personal heart rat, Shilo, a powder blue hooded dumbo boy, who passed away May 4th, 2014. No Breeders or other Rattery Members are allowed in the rattery room period. We are registered with NARR and the Ratster with the prefix CREW. We are a small scale Ball Python breeding facility and we also breed and sell feeder rats (Live and Frozen) Click here to go to Ratty Rat Rattery Main Site Breeder of Quality pet Rats for show/breeding or just a pet for home. We are aiming to breed Topaz,Buff and Russian Blue(with associated colours) in self and marked( including essex), as well as rex/smooth coats and dumbo/top ears. S. BLOG We're dedicated to breeding rats that have shown excellent health, gorgeous temperments and have beautiful conformation. Rattery news and updates at Jenni's Mischief rattery located in Brunswick, Ohio rats that have passed on to the rainbow bridge and info about what is happening in I adopted Smudge from a young girl who was unable to house her any longer. By Black Wolf Rattery Last edited March 18, 2005. My entire rattery was closed down for the duration of the outbreak, and the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) along with the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) tested every rat in my Rattery, and my results were negative. If interested in adult rats I might be able to find 1 or 2 of a gender of various ages that I'm not planning to breed from. Sweet Whispers Rattery is located in Pottsville, Pennsylvania 17901. With big, spotty Rex & Double Rex coated DU's our main focus. There is however a few U. For those of you who have rats that have passed on to the Rainbow Bridge, feel free to email me their name(s), date of Birth and death as well as a small tribute to them, I'll post it here. The price of each hammock reflects the material used and the quality of the sewing. Grown rats should have a 14%-15% protein intake in their diet. We work with both ear types, dumbo and standard. 27. Also remember rats should have 2 cubic feet per rat. Most breeders have contracts that state in the event of a family being able to no longer care for their rats, the breeder takes them back, no questions asked. If you want to give your rats peanut butter, mix it with jam or something liquid to make it less sticky, or spread it in some bread. Instead of killing them, turning it the men in rats and gave them the temple as a new home. He has since been retired due to dominance issues with other rats. She’s got copious health and temperament notes on each individual page. The rattery is named for Pancake, one of my first two rats, and also my first heart rat. For those of you that don't know, Rainbow Bridge is a beautiful place all pets go when they pass away. It is simple to open the tins and place yummy treats inside to tempt your rats to work the puzzle. Rat Breeder in SoCal // (L)GBTQ+ // Rainbow Rats Rattery. Rats are playful and enjoy a variety of toys and activities such as exercise wheels and anything that encourages climbing and exploration. Rainbow Bridge poem · Companion Animal Loss & Pet Owner Grief Part 1 · Companion Animal Loss & Pet Owner Grief Part 2 Goosemoose Pet Portal - Rat Urn Having had and lost numerous cats, dogs, rabbits, gerbils, rats, . RROW - Rainbow Row Rattery. Rainbow water district survives takeover attempt. Our basic colors are mostly controlled by recessive genes. RRRA - Raining Rats Rattery & Adopt. Dec 08, 2011 · Hello, I am looking for a pair of rats to add to our family so I have been calling/emailing breeders in the brisbane area (have only been able to contact 2 so far, I have a hard time finding them) Anyway one of the ladies who sounds like she really loves and takes care of her rats mentioned to me not to be alarmed but when the females go into season they bleed and to just be aware of that. 2017, plus the fact rats (nor mice) cannot be vaccinated for disease, breeders should test their rats (and mice), RAINBOW RATS RATTERY (RNBW) (4/20) Rainbow Tails Rattery, Jeffersontown, Kentucky. As Karni Mata learned, that they had deserted, a sin, which is actually punishable by death, let them mercy. And then Retired Breeders May become available. Rats In need. I am currently, this is subject to change, homing : 4 female rats 4 male rats 4 female mice with two litters of pups on litter is at total of 9 the other 7 7 male mice This concludes my rodents ~~~~~ My mish mash~ 3 cats 1 dog Transport within Ontario, Canada: Below is an alphabetical list of cities in Ontario and delivery rates. For once I have a stable job with good hours and I totally love it here. Check us out! Copyright ©2009 - Present LoveofRatsRattery. I often get the question, "What varieties do you breed?". My breeding program focuses on long term health and sweet temperaments, that make for perfect pets. Because of educational purposes the vet performed a c section free of charge to me. Varieties include Berkshire, Hooded, PEW, Mink, Black, Agouti, Silver Fawn, all in smooth & rex coats, dumbo & top ears. Our rats are bred with love and care with one goal in mind: to be adopted and loved by anyone of any age. High quality Pet Rat gifts and merchandise. I do this for a few reasons: By limiting the amount of people that enter the rattery and mess with the rats, I am ensuring that they will stay healthy and disease free. Threads 0 Messages 0. Champaign Illinois Rat Breeder. You called me your child, and despite a number of chewed shoes and a couple of Sparco is the granddaughter of Jasmine and was one of my rehomed breeders but came back when the family had to move to no pets housing. Jemma Fettes Muse Rattery Preston and Ulverston Lancashire and Cumbria UK. 7-21-05 ~ After a long time with no updates, I have done RRB. As a community, we are overrun with rats from mills, backyard breeders, and "accidental" litters. Sparco lives in the female community cage. Starlight Rattery The Dumbo Tree Rattery | Rainbow Bridge Rats. I keep getting likes so figured I'd make this post. Find the pet remembrance poem, the Rainbow Bridge poem, story and movie here. All my rats are well handled from birth, and well socialised with other rats and other animals. Mar 24, 2011 · Culling means killing, by means humane or otherwise, rats who would otherwise go on to live healthy lives. May 20, 2014 · How to build a rat wheelchair. Raining Rats Rattery, Is a rat breeder bringing happy healthy pet rats from our home to yours for a wonderful family pet. I've seen 2-4 years, but the average seems to be far closer to 2, than 3 or 4. The bitter part was we lost 3 rats all within a week of each other. I am a small scale breeder of pet fancy rats. You can adopt with confidence from Rainbow Row Rattery. Please refer to the drop-down menu Powered by Create your own unique website with American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association (AFRMA), Riverside, CA. breeder of high quality rats. Rats Rattery. The Rainbow Bridge. Scientific name: Python regius. By having an adoption fee I can afford to continue rescuing, re-homing and breeding my beautiful rats. Standing Stones is a home based Rattery located in Richmond, Virginia. Muffin Black Eyed Devil. We are a new rattery based in Warwickshire. Julias rats are so licky, and love attention. We have both standard size and dwarf. 50 each. I don’t recommend leaving this toy in their cage. Standard Rats are sold at £3 each. (American, Russian). PEW Female, Standard Coat/Standard Ear 6/18/2007-5/7/2010 Although she survived a month into the establishment of our Rattery, I believe she belongs with her sister and cagemates as the inspiration RofN - Rats of Nimh Rattery. This San Diego rattery are dedicated to our animals and to our adopters. We breed for health, long life and temperament first, color and type is just a bonus . Hello and welcome to The Breakfast Bunch Rattery (tBBR). There is a link to a cage calculator on our links page. We are located in Renton Washington, about 20 minutes from Seattle! We have been an established breeder since 2003, taking a few breaks here and there, but never leaving the Rat Community! The latest Tweets from Windy Hill Rattery (@Windy_Hill_Rats). NemRaps 338,166 views On Monday 19th of May 2014 it was annouced on Rainbow Rats Haven facebook group by the owners Elizabeth and Matthew Harris of Newbridge, South Wales, that they were closing their group and business as the Social Services had demanded for the 2nd time in three months that all their animals had to leave their property. But sadly a lot of the rats out there come from not so great sources. Rainbow Bridge. Skye Flawless Rats Rattery Leeds West Yorkshire UK. Smudgey is missed dearly. We want to bring you the happiest, healthiest rat that I possibly can!I specialize in all blues. Rat Breeder Directory Little Paws Rattery cannot make any guarantees about the quality of the rats sold by any of these breeders. On Monday 19th of May 2014 it was annouced on Rainbow Rats Haven facebook group by the owners Elizabeth and Matthew Harris of Newbridge, South Wales, that they were closing their group and business as the Social Services had demanded for the 2nd time in three months that all their animals had to leave their property. Our number one goal is to have sweet n healthy rats. I finally decided to take him when the cancer spread to his mouth. Offering amazing pet rats to the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Jun 01, 2012 · Just like everything about an organism, a rat's color is controlled by genetics. We do get other colors time to time. Submit or edit a place listing | Browse events Local rattery Squeakin Pups will ship rats if out of state San Diego Reader Classified ads, December 25, 2019. This is for the safety of our rats and family. . Located in San Tan Valley, AZ Welcome To Rainbow Rats Rattery. 3 p. If you're not sure if I recorded your rats, please PM me, and we can figure it out. Chocolate - This is a simple recessive color. com. RSS Feed May 12, 2019 · @lightskinmonte on IG. Your New Pet. business. We have Serology tested our Rattery in July 2018. Melanie was a rescue I received when the rattery first began. Shelves must be counted in as well. Only breed the healthiest and friendliest animals,focus on improving temperament with the bonus of cool colours and coat types. Our Rats and Rattery Since we are a Closed Rattery, in which we do not allow adopters to come to our home to protect the health of our ratties, I have set up these pages to allow everyone to see Our Ratties (breeding and Pet Only), where our ratties live, where your ratties come from, and how they are cared for. According to another legend, the holy rats are soul containers of soldiers. Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. Check out RatsPacNW for our next Rat Show or Event Dec 28, 2012 · Welcome to Forever Loved Rats Rattery (FLRR). it is natural for rats to slow and stop breeding in colder weather, in the wild, this is the time that the female rats need to look after themselves, its not wise for a adult female to breed in the winter. Rats live much shorter lives than some of other furry companions, but they love just as much. While I Being an independent hobby breeder, I do not always have rats available. We are located in Colton, CA. Rats should also be give fresh or frozen fruits and veggies (ask me for the link for Dos and Don'ts with fruits and veggies), or even occasional tuna or chicken. Oh, how I do hate pet poetry. You should visit the breeder’s rattery page/website and see how the rats are cared for and if they are healthy. ​Located in beautiful  Home · About Us · Rats at FLRR · Our other Pets · Litters · Adoption Info. It is a very long document, however it contains much information that you will find useful. Picture. Does not ship rats. Eifos´Rainbow Road Odd-Eyed Cinnamon Blazed Variegated. What a rainbow ! NEW Photo's of some of the Darkstar babies in their new homes. black, green, white is also passeble. Rainbow Rats Rattery is a Seoul-free Rattery. ROMP - Romper Room Rattery. Rainbow Rat Terriers. We have thousands of exotic Ball Pythons for sale from top breeders from   After the three had to go over the rainbow bridge, followed by three small boys it is not only the theoretical study of the animals, which makes us rat breeders. Ravencharm Rattery offers a variety of rats for adoption including Black-Eyed Siamese, Marble, Marten, Dalmatian, whiteside, roan, wheaton, sable Siamese, Essex merri whiskers rattery. RP- Rat Planet. AFRMA welcomes members from around the world and is open to anyone with an interest in rats or Hi, and thank you for visiting our website! This rattery, located in Southern California, is based on the basic principles of quality: phenomenal temperament, health, and outstanding colors and coats. Local rattery Squeakin Pups will ship rats if out of state San Diego Reader Classified ads, December 25, 2019. Silkies, Rexes (All types - Rexes were first recognised and discovered by Resident Rats of Ratty Rat Rattery Mar 31, 2011 · She’s got every one of her resident rats listed, even the ones who are pet-registered, with pictures and pedigrees. She’s got an up-to-date Rainbow Bridge page. May your days be full of yogies beyond the Rainbow Bridge, Pancake. Galvanized cages rust much faster and then begin to smell really bad. Russian based varieties (Russian blue, Russian blue agouti, Russian Pearl, Russian Dove and Russian Cinnamon). This is not a common color and most rats that people see and believe is this color turn out to be very poor blacks who carry a single copy of multiple color genes. Rattery/Mousery (Stud) Names and initials (2 to 4 characters) are to be unique from any others used as these represent the breeder of that animal. Welcome to The RattieAngels Rattery. Unfortunately, my other half had major surgery in Febuary of this year, and so we have been dealing with that. But we mainly focus on breeding for the best personality ! All of our rats are healthy, hand raised, and very well socialized . Rainbow Bridge Rat Rat Block Rat Exercise Rat Growth Rat Hopper Rat Memes Rats In The News RatsPacNW Rehoming Rescue Review Runt Sale Science Show Smoke Steam Teeth Top 25 Small Animal Blog Training Rat Transitions Truffles URI Vet Tech Vision Washington Rattery Weight Wheel Winter World Rat Day X Men Litter. They may have passed from this world, but they are still in my heart. This site was designed with the . We are currently working with standard fur coats and Hairless with Dumbo or top ears, Standard sizes. however she never took to the pregnancies. We specialize in Blue dumbo rats with a Mink line in the workings. If you do not see your city, you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page to request a rate quote. He did have some free roam time with various groups of rats, but if they were all put in a cage together things went sideways. we focus mostly on health & temperament. He was bullied by another rat and it has left him a bit fragile. Laura D Roaming Rodents Rattery Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire UK. Ashleigh Crause Rat Shack Worthing West Sussex UK. Her markings are in line with a hooded, however, are just sploges down her back. I have neglected until this page to show and tell our clients and or new clients what we breed. I. R. Tops and Tails is a rattery located near the centre of Palmerston North. We specialize in quality pet rats with both ear types in the colors: Black, agouti, Russian blue, burmese & siamese. There, they are cured of all illness, and they play and eat all the goodies they want. This means that I do not allow adopters to enter the rattery and meets the rats in person. I made a new link banner. I focus on temperaments, health, and blues. Email ahead of time if you were looking for something specific. So I thought I would share some of the fun rat memes I have made over the  High quality Rat inspired Spiral Notebooks by independent artists and designers from Dumbo pet rat love Spiral Notebook Rainbow Mouse Spiral Notebook. Our Rats are bred as pets and conform to the AFRMA and ARC standards, but first and foremost they are our pets, and as such are a part of our family. Pet quality and feeders. Part 1/ 3 sorry, my hands is not so stable Music Mat Kearney with Wait you can make it with more colors then red , yellow or bleu. site/ Facebook: https://www. We love every single rat in our Rattery, but we cannot give each rat 100% our love. I am working on breeding Blues, Burmese, Roan, and Siamese and working on specific coat types such as Rex and Velveteen (standard coats will appear regularly). Zilu Rats/RR Morgan le Fay Russian Blue Red Eyed Devil Varieberk. Rainbow Rattery Over the rainbow rattery Rodents for you Rats for you Rats 'R' Rodents Rodent rascals Rampant rats Rodents of your heart King of the rats Ripsaw rats Rats revenge Random rodents Random rats Rangy Rats Rapid rattery Rapid rodents Rodent rapport Rat Rapport Rapport means a relationship of mutual understanding or trust and Here at Sweet Whispers Rattery first and foremost we breed for health, temperament and longevity. 587 likes · 174 talking about this. Silvermoon Rattery Rats of many varieties including dwarf, silvermane, rex, double rex, dumbos, etc. they are very friendly, curious, come on my have, take food from me, do There are many options. I'd been chewing it for 20 minutes so the ball was mostly just spit, but my human freaked anyway while the kids laughed and shrieked. Hell´s Cheif Brody Oct 08, 2008 · Small rattery/mousery, sometimes have mice and rats for sale. We are registered with NARR (North American Rat Registry) with the prefix STWR. I have listed here the age (as close as I can recall) and cause of death if known, of each rat shown if they were part of my breeding program. P. We continually bred quality pet and show rats for ten years producing lines that can be found in many pedigrees. We are a Metro Atlanta based rattery. Welcome to Kinni Brook Rattery! We are a small Rattery in Oakdale, MN. 03/30/2019 . Discount prices from thousands of breeders on unusual Ball Pythons, Corn Snakes, Kingsnakes, Milk Snakes, Boa Constrictors, Reticulated Pythons, Western Hognose, Leopard Geckos and Crested Geckos. These are ratties who are no longer with us. website builder. We are Rainbow Rescue and Rattery, We strive to help you and your critters find a healthy home. This page is dedicated to those of our rat family who have crossed the rainbow bridge. (please note that these rats haven't been raised in a 'pet home' setting with daily handling, they're not scared of people at all, just not yet used to being handled Oreo has been with me since she was just a tiny pup. Once I ruined my human's "Rats Make Good Pets" presentation by spitting a ball of fish down her blouse. When an animal dies that has been  I am NARR (North American Rat Registry) registered as Paper Heart Rattery and I don't breed for a rainbow of colors in each litter, or for what may be popular  Candy rats rattery - **all babies from my litter are reserved, but feel free to message me to either go Brazilian Rainbow Boa Male £300 Or Reasonable Offers. All of the ratteries I have found through google seem to be closed or inactive. Our Rats. The information in this document is based on my personal experience as well as the experiences of breeders I have talked to. Our results were consistently and conclusively Negative. Application Status: Open Wait Time: 3 months. Join Facebook to connect with Amanda J Arnold and others you may know. Silver Frost started off breeding mice and rats, but due to time restrictions we now focus solely on rats. Aruarian Rattery is a small hobby rattery located in the beautiful Okanagan. rainbow rats rattery